Miami Insurance Fraud Investigators

Need to hire Miami Insurance Fraud Investigators for Florida Claims Investigations in Miami , Broward, West Palm Beach, Homestead, Lake Worth, Naples, Tampa, Orlando or other cities ?…

miami-insurance-fraud-investigators-florida-insurance-fraud-investigationsOur Florida Claims Investigators can investigate fraudulent or exaggerated claims in Miami, Broward, West Palm Beach, St Lucie county and all Florida….Our Miami Private Investigation Agency has highly skilled staff of Miami Claim Investigators that are ready to investigate fraudulent insurance claims…

Our Miami Claims detectives assist clients such as; Claims Adjusters, workers compensation lawyers, claims managers, risk managers, major insurance companies, insurance defense attorneys, law firms, third party administrators, SIU departments, corporations and other parties who need to investigate claimant fraud…

Our Miami Insurance Fraud Investigators offer an array of insurance fraud investigations such as;

  • insurance accident investigations
  • workers compensation investigations Miami
  • Miami liability investigations
  • Miami personal injury investigations
  • accident scene investigations
  • medical malpractice claims investigations

Miami Insurance Fraud Investigations

Furthermore, our Miami Claim private investigators conduct insurance claim fraud investigations related to slip and fall, work related injuries, dog bites, fire, auto accidents, motorcycle accident, arson, theft and other claims cases….

… Our Florida claim private investigators and SIU Claim detectives usually conduct video surveillance to be used as trial evidence on insurance defense litigation cases. In addition, our Florida insurance fraud private investigators usually perform SIU investigations such as: activity checks, take witness statements, alive and well checks and widow checks….Our Miami Insurance Claim Investigators also and conduct neighborhood investigations on the claimant to determine their daily activities , their lifestyle, physical limitations and their level of employment, etc,…

Contract our South Florida Claim Detectives firm for all your insurance defense investigations.

Our Miami Insurance Investigation Agency strives to deliver quality and cost effective insurance defense investigations in Florida and claims investigations for a number of Miami Insurance Defense Attorneys, workers compensation and the rest of the insurance defense community.

Miami insurance fraud investigator

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